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Brothers Prince debut EP "Single" is the creation of Oakland raised identical twin brothers Ambrose and Austin Prince. The songs were written and arranged in the East Bay and came together after a week-long recording session with Grammy nominated producer James Krausse in Burbank, CA. With a couple early morning surf sessions and a smattering of ping pong breaks mixed in, the group recorded 10 hours a day to bring the project to life. Hand-clapped rhythms and group vocal parts that were created on the spot complement catchy melodies and playful, yet vulnerable lyrics on each of the EP’s three songs. The result is the organic soulful sound that fans have come to expect from Brothers Prince. "Single" is now available to purchase on iTunes, and can be streamed on Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music. The last track on the EP, “So Musical, featuring Corrie Tizon-Williams, is featured in Finn Taylor's quirky new romantic comedy Unleashed, starring Kate Micucci and Sean Astin.


Brothers Prince has been bringing their indie-soul-hop sound to the Bay Area since March 2016 and have sold out shows at the Ivy Room, The Starry Plough, and The Legionnaire. With thoughtful lyrics that invite reflection and a feel-good vibe, the music will bring you to your feet. From 4-part harmonies to front men Ambrose and Austin dancing in the crowd, the 7-member band brings listeners into the experience. Influenced by artists like Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, and Alabama Shakes the sound is a varied yet cohesive mix of mellow soul, indie grit, and evocative rap. The sheer number of people in the band is a nod to the group's community-oriented mindset. Whether at a barbecue, in the car, or at a live performance, Brothers Prince music is meant to be experienced with other people.


Vocals, Guitar / Austin Prince

Vocals, Percussion / Ambrose Prince

Drums, Vocals / Phil Stein-Webber

Bass / Derek Frye

Guitar / Andrew Harris

Saxophone / Chris Hoogewerff






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