Brothers Prince


   Mix the spirited soulfulness of Musiq with the laid-back island vibes of Jack Johnson, and the lyrical rap precision of J. Cole, then add a dash of indie rock from the likes of Cold War Kids and the Black Keys and you have something of the pallet from which The Brothers Prince create their sound.

    Getting their start as entertainers in high school during Oakland’s Hyphy movement through “turf dancing,” front men (and identical twins) Ambrose and Austin have continued to pursue their artistic passions through music composition and performance with their latest project, The Brothers Prince. The band came together organically in 2015 when the twins and their long time drummer Phil Stein-Webber linked up with bassist, Derek Frye and vocalist/keyboardist, Adi Wickham-Gobert.  “We got in the studio to record some new songs with Derek and Adi for fun and things just clicked,” explained Ambrose, “we just had to start a band.”